Monday, 12 March 2007


No posts from me today: there's only one thing you need to do today and that's to make sure you do whatever has to be done to see THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE. The issue is one on which your whole future depends, and this film is the very best short exposure of the scam -- a one hour fifteen minute knife thrust to the heart of the nonsense. This is a film you must see -- you owe it to yourself, your business, your family and your future health, wealth and prosperity. It's THAT important.

Click the picture to see it online. Details below on how to order the DVD.


  1. Richard McGrath12 Mar 2007, 21:34:00

    I can't recommend this programme highly enough. There is so much ammunition in it for letters to the editor, opinion-editorials, etc., that it is absolutely required viewing for all global warming skeptics/heretics. The best part for me was when the co-founder of Greenpeace admitted that factions of the environmentalist movement are anti-human. Send the link to this programme to all your friends, especially those who had all their buttons pressed by Al Gore's "documentary".

  2. How ironic that right at the end is a promo for another BBC (bbc-?) documentary staright afterwards which tests how "green" politicians REALLY are.



  3. 76 minutes of truth and common sense!!
    I always had the firm belief that the environmentalists were cranks, but it seems they have a profitable agenda by being very successful in conning finance from governments.
    This doco should be sent on to all your friends. Let's start a crusade with letters to the Editor. This is too important to just let slide!

  4. I have a different take on this documentary. While it made some good points, the link between CO2 and climate change isn't going anywhere.

    More at Pacific Empire


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