Monday, 12 March 2007

"What have you got?"

IN THE CLASSIC biker movie 'The Wild One,' gang leader Marlon Brando is asked what he's rebelling against. He shrugs, and mumbles, "What have you got?"

I was reminded of that this morning when reading of the latest comments of National's leadership "dream team."

Quizzed on tax cuts, Little Billy English says despite record government surpluses, his party is set to ditch its policy of tax cuts -- the Nats would not introduce extensive tax cuts if it was in power now.

Quizzed on housing, John Boy Key declared National is set to ditch its policy of market-related rents for state houses, and confirmed the National Socialists will build more state houses and stick with Labour's policy of income-related rents

So what will these two sell out next? "Well," I hear them saying, "What have you got?"

It's impossible to be any more pathetically ineffectual than these two Pink Tories. Anybody proud of them?

NB: Yes, I said I wouldn't post anything else today -- but how can you ignore this appeasing crap.

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  1. I nearly choked on my coffee when I read that National has no problem with income related rents this morning. Lets hope they at least expand the system to include houses not owned by the state, which might at least get the state out of building and owning the houses. Are tax cuts seriously about to be abandoned?

  2. I see Blairs had enough of them and is going his own way...;-)

  3. David Cameron does the same by announcing a tax on aviation to combat climate change!


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