Sunday, 25 March 2007

Saturday night with Sylvain

Anybody else here go to see the great New York Dolls show last night? Someone from 84 Tigers did:
How many rock’n'roll shows have you seen where between-song banter includes references to existentialism, Schoepenhauer, and Hegel? Did Syl Sylvain really get a facelift and breast implants in Staten Island? Does Sami from Hanoi Rocks wake up every day wondering if he really is the bass player for the New York Dolls or whether he’s slipped into a parallel dimension where his dreams hold sway? How can David Johansen last a whole show without a cigarette? And why did people go see that Tommy Lee Super Idol band on a Saturday night instead of this?
Can't answer that one, I'm afraid. Their loss, I guess. As Graham Reid said a couple of weeks back, "Even if you’ve never heard a note they made, if the notion of ballsy and uninhibited rock ’n’ roll has any appeal at all then you will be there, down the front, for this one." A damn fool you are if you weren't.


  1. All Christchurch is encouraged to make the time to attend the Public March To Protest Anti-Smacking Bill.

    When? Wednesday 28 March 12pm
    Where? Victoria Square (close to Cathedral Square
    Speakers: Simon Barnett and Gary McCormick from MoreFM's show Si&Gary, Ali Jones from NewsTalk ZB. has all the information plus a map of where to meet.

    This is quite likely the most significant protest march you will ever attend - do not miss it. We must show the Government - who have been ignoring the public - exactly what us Kiwis do think on this crucial issue.

    Good parents will be criminalised if Bradford's bill becomes Law.

    Make sure that it doesn't by supporting the march!

    There will be marches also in Wellington, Nelson and Fielding. has all the information on these marches, plus news updates, polls to vote in, petition forms and info on how to email the MPs.

  2. I threw up a few thoughts on the Dolls show on my blog:


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