Monday, 26 March 2007

A pass for the bypass?

The new Wellington bypass opened yesterday, and it gets its first test today. Tom Beard comments:
Well, it's done. The changeover to the southbound leg of the bypass happened without incident at just after 6 this morning, and while it's hard to tell for sure, there don't seem to be any major snarl-ups around town. Tomorrow will be a bigger test, once commuters hit the new layout in force, but we'll still have to wait for a while before we can see whether it achieves what it set out to do. Of course, the original proponents of the project are proactively covering their arses on that point, just in case.
Let's check back in twelve hours or so and see how the first day went.

UPDATE 1: The Dominion says twenty-four hours after its first rush hour: There was the odd moment of traffic chaos, but Transit said drivers coped well with the opening of the second half of Wellington's inner-city bypass.

UPDATE 2: Meanwhile, Liberty Scott says Bypass My Arse:
Today I am starting the story on the Wellington Inner City Bypass, it is a tale of high ambitions and persistence, which pitted on the one hand roading engineers and visionaries, and on the other hand local opponents to any new road construction, and more latterly the anti-road movement of the Greens.
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