Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Hillside Villa, Nocero, Salerno - Sarno Architetti

A villa under construction in Salerno, another fine example of organic architecture. The architects Sarno Architetti describe it this way [I've changed just a few words as translated]:
Generated naturally from the synergy of inhabited function and environmental morphology, this villa reflects with simplicity and evidence the principles of Italian organic architecture. Has a complex shape of triangle-polygonal folded surface that is born from the land, and that creates an articulated space where interior and exterior "converse" with a variety of perspectives and feelings, amplifying the evocative location. The roof garden helps harmonise the villa with the context in an appropriate way. Above all, this villa confirms the importance of the creation of an organic space to the life of man, for one life understanding participation, integrity and freedom.
The picture above shows a computer generated image of the house and site, and the lower two pics show the house under construction. The architect's website can be found here.

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