Monday, 26 March 2007

British servicemen capture is part of wider Tehran strategy

Walid Phares has some thoughts on Teheran's capture of British servicemen. In a sentence: "The regime "need" an external clash to crush the domestic challenge," and "The regime plan is to drag its opponents into a trap." Read on here.

UPDATE: Phil Goff has said that the Clark Government will follow new UN sanctions on Iran, brought in because of Iran's refusal to stop enriching uranium. Notes NBR in reporting this news:
The new sanctions block Iranian arms exports and freeze the assets of individuals and companies involved in Iran's nuclear and missile programmes.
As usual, Cox and Forkum make the appropriate point:

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  1. From Walid Phares article:

    "As explained by a notorious propagandist on al Jazeera today the move is precisely to respond to the Anglo-American attempt to "stir trouble" inside Iran. Anis Naccash, a Lebanese intellectual supporter of the Ayatollahs regime, appearing from Tehran few hours ago on the Qatari-based satellite and "explained" that the "US and the UK must understand that Iran is as much at war with these two powers in as much as they support the rise of movements and security instability inside Iran." He added that Khamenei is clear on the regime's decision to strike: "we will be at war with you on all levels: secret, diplomatic, military and other." Pro-Iranian propagandists in the region, via media and online rushed to warn that this movement is part of Iran's counter-strike against any attempt to destabilize the regime."

    Why would these pro-Mullah propagandists be saying "this is what Iran is doing?"

    Perhaps they know that their words will be broadcast not in the West (where a widespread awareness of such plans would unite people behind stiffer Western resolve) but in the Middle East, where they are trying to unite anti-Western fervour behind Iran.


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