Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Helping out

If you were making up a list of New Zealand's hardest-working journalists you'd have... er, a very short list. But at its head would probably be Russell Brown. His face, his voice and his writing sometimes seems to be almost everywhere, which is probably because it is.

Love him or hate him, you have to admire his work ethic.

Which is just one reason to give some thought to a fundraising initiative to help out Russell and his family in a time of need. Advocates for voluntary charity and a good time should give it some consideration. Read some more background, and details of the fundraising bash here.


  1. Does Russell actually support home schoolers?

    Does he also support that people who don't send their kids to a public school get a tax rebate?

    Or does he support a voucher system?

    Or does he support charity only when Russell is the target?

    So does anyone know Russell's view on public education and forced payment for institutes you fundamentally disagree with?

  2. A good Christian response to someone in need.

    Not everything is a political venture - why can't Christians just be charitable?


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