Friday, 16 March 2007

Cheaper to buy rail-riders an apartment close to work

Rail religionists are crowing over the announcement that the rail line to Onehunga will be re-opened, thirty-four years after it closed due to lack of interest. LibertyScott has run the rule over the numbers, and he's worked out
you're gonna be made to pay $374,000 up front to shift one person from car to train, and subsidise 60% of that person's trips, whereas before you didn't. You could always buy them small apartments next to work instead.
You can read his working here. And before you get even more excited about extending the line to the airport, Scott suggests you should take a deep breath:
Remember the city-airport rail service in Sydney isn’t economically viable, and Melbourne looked at it and couldn’t justify it, developing an express bus service instead (which was introduced after the Citylink tollway was built, greatly reducing travel times to/from the airport).
Hmmm. Not really a goer here either, then. Won't stop the rail religionists though, will it?

LINK: The railway religion - LibertyScott

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  1. Love my car.
    Took train for first time in 20 years from Papatoetoe to City late last your for Indian Festival. We took route through Glen Innes.
    I thought it was great.
    Looking at the rail network on display in the train, I thought were are all the tracks through East Tamaki, Botany, and Pakuranga.
    No new tracks seem to have been built for decades.
    New subdivisions have been made with no thought of connecting a train service to them.
    Seems like a good idea to branch a line off at Manukau, go north through East Tamkaki, Botany, Howick. Then head west into Pakuranga and new bridge over the Tamaki river to connect up at Glen Innes.
    It would solve a huge transport issue.
    Stuff the cost, its needed

  2. Robert Winefield16 Mar 2007, 10:21:00

    Anon opined:

    "Stuff the cost, its needed"

    If you want it, you pay for it. All of it.

    What's that I hear you say? Not bloody likely?

    Funny how socialists are so quick to spend other people's money, but are never prepared to foot the bill for their ambitions themselves...

  3. Im not a socialist - Far from it
    Happy to pay my fair share. I'd rather spend my tax money on this than all of Labour's crap schemes

    But I also believe in infrastructure spending, especially if there has been no investment in this area for decades.
    Answer this - When were the last rail tracks laid in Auckland?

  4. There are tracks being laid as we type. The western line is being doubled tracked.



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