Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Who's Oscar?

Oscars. I don't know who got them. I don't care who got them. I never do. But the good thing about the division of labour is that I know people who do.

The good folk at Samizdata for example.

"...and the nominees in the category of Best Fashionable Issue in a Guilt-Supporting Role are....(pause)...World Poverty (applause)...AIDS (applause)...the Iraq War (bigger applause)...Africa (applause)...and Saving the Planet (huge applause).

And the winner is.....(rustle, rustle, rustle)...
Tune in to Samizdata to find out -- I just know you're on the edge of your seat. And tune to Hit and Run for all the other big winners and losers.

LINKS: Foxtrot Oscars - Samizdata
Oscar roundup '07: Al Gore starts to look like Alec Baldwin - Hit and Run



  1. Yes, we all know who invented the state-of-the-art AlGorethm for climate simulation modeling and this Oscar award went to the former Vice President of the USA.

  2. And don't forget 'Most Embarrasing Remake of an Infinitely Superior Foreign Film Because We're Too Fucking Lazy And Stupid To Bother Reading Subtitles'.

    I could almost understand Scorsese getting the best director gong he should have won twenty-seven years ago for Raging Bull (or half a dozen other films); but anyone who wants to argue The Departed was the best film of the year, or that the bloated adaptation of the tight, disciplined and coherent script for Infernal Affairs deserved a writing award... well, I've eated tofu with more taste.

    Still, IMO, the only thing preventing me from sleeping with Helen Mirren is... well, she's a woman. But her witty and graceful acceptance speech - as well as her sublime performances as both Queens Elizabeth - makes me pretty sure she'd be one hell of a lot of fun to take to the pub.

  3. "And the winner is" ..

    Tsk, PC. The (couture-clad) Democrats who run Hollywood haven't allowed that for years.

    "And the Oscar goes to .."

    Al Gore would approve.

  4. Craig, I never saw 'The Departed' so can't comment on that. Can't stand to watch Jack Nicholson playing himself every time.

    I'm not fond of acting award ceremonies as a rule; the BS drives me nuts; but I loathe the Oscars in particular. Grossly political, the "it's his/her turn" nonsense at the expense of excellence is crap.

    I find it hard to see how anything could top 'Babel' this year. It really was an extraordinary piece of film-making; indeed a case of the sum being greater than its parts.

    (Also thought the less well-known members of the cast stole the show, too).


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