Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Tuariki John Delamere: What goes around comes around

It's nice to believe in natural justice: that scum who think they're above their just desserts will one day get what's coming to them.

In that light, it's good to see former Minister of Prohibition in the Shipley Government 'Tuariki' John Delamere (left) finally getting his -- the banner of magazines; the promoter of racial quotas; the deporter of hard-working Petra and Gunther Schier and their kiwi kids; the chap who parleyed his job as immigration minister into a job for life (he thought) as an immigration consultant, where he navigates the thickets of the rules and procedures he played a part in setting up -- this low life is now in court charged with fraud. I have no idea whether or not he's guilty of these charges but, as a friend says, he's certainly guilty of being a rude, arrogant, racist prick. I will be among those celebrating if the case is proven, and the judge throws the book at this bullying busybody.

It will be a victory for natural justice.

LINKS: Ex-immigration minister goes on trial for fraud - NZ Herald
Donald slams Delamere on Schier decision - Rod Donald, Greens (1999)
The salvationist urge of Messiah Tuariki - Lindsay Perigo, Politically Incorrect Show (July, 1999)
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  1. Can we add Labour, National, NZ First (or should that be last?), and the Greens as co-conspirators? Them all getting some justice would be nice. ;-)

  2. I recall an article in Metro (or some other mag) profiling him when he blats on about how "hot" he was at university in the USA because all the American girls loved his south Pacific looks and Maori accent - I guess that was the highlight of his life, the git.

  3. Truly delicious - dont you just love it! What goes around comes around maybe, or even Karma! Whatever it is, and if there is an ounce of merit to these sayings, he is due for his fair share - good bloody job - bring it on! - be sure to keep us all posted pc


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