Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Stats for Not PC this week

Most popular posts at 'Not PC' this last week:

  1. What's with all the religious material?
  2. "New report says global warming is negligible, short-lived, and now ended" - Dr Vincent Gray
  3. Beer O'Clock: Heineken Mini-Keg
  4. One country. One law. One constitution?
  5. 'News' from The Herald
  6. Ownership and state sovereignty
  7. No call for climate alarmism - scientists
  8. Guidelines for warmists
  9. Envy is making houses unaffordable
  10. Frank Lloyd Wright: Broadacre City

Browser wars:
Firefox 48.5%
Internet Explorer 45.5%
Safari 3.5%
Connections of people visiting:
Cable/DSl 77.5%
Dial-up 15.2%
Corporate 3.2%
Top search terms:
heineken mini keg
freedomist deutsch
no royal assent to electoral act violations
heineken keg
Becky wants to knock her school down
robert winefield
broadacre city
"mother teresa" "robert white"
"putting humans first"
don quixote drawing
Top referral sites for Not PC: 14.5%
Google 11.5%
David Farrar 6.5%
Cactus Kate 5.5% 5.4%
Libertarianz 4.2%
Sir Humphrey's 3.5%
Scoop 2.5%
Thanks everyone for another great week. (And I think either Robert Winefield has a stalker, or he's been Googling himself. Either way, I think we should be told.)


1 comment:

  1. Robert Winefield7 Feb 2007, 20:11:00

    Or a lady he dated recently has googled him...

    After seeing your site, I don't think I'll be hearing from her again... ;-)


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