Monday, 19 February 2007

Stadium still to cost us $200m

Sense at last?
Govt confirms downgraded Eden Pk for Cup
The Government has confirmed the upgrade of Eden Park will involve a new South Stand and temporary seating.
The bloody thing is still costing us $190 million and counting. What's wrong with just the temporary seating for goodness's sake? That could be paid for out of the proceeds of the damn Cup!

UPDATE: To help put the costs in perspective, here's a comparison of stadium costs I posted previously, based on estimates announced in the press:
  1. Eden Park -- temporary stands only (about $45-100m)
  2. Jade Stadium -- additions to a seating capacity of 60,000 ($80m)
  3. North Harbour -- additions to a seating capacity of 60,000 ($226m)
  4. Carlaw Park -- new stadium and Domain renovations (say $750m, minus Eden Park's sale)
  5. Wiri - new stadium and rail lines (say $750m, minus Eden Park's sale)
  6. Telstra Stadium, Sydney -- (you could buy ownership for just A$200m -- Stadium New Zealand in Sydney!)
  7. Waka Stadium -- what cost?
  8. Eden Park -- gold-plated option ($385m plus)
  9. Bedpan -- new stadium, plus new facility for Ports ($1 billion plus)
It's also worth remembering that the Eden Park Trust Board helped bring this whole farce about when they saw their chance at piles of government money coming their way, and they went from what was a proposal for essentially temporary stands (agreed to by the IRB when the World Cup hosting rights were won) to the bout of grandomania over the last few months that will apparently deliver them a tax-paid South Stand.

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