Monday, 19 February 2007

REMINDER: Climate Change Presentation in Auckland today

A reminder for Auckland readers who can take an hour off this afternoon to listen to a climate commentator who is not a warmist:
Climate Change Presentation

Professor David Henderson is the former head of economics and statistics for the OECD. He is a member of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, has written a major critique of the Stern Report and will be giving presentations in both Auckland and Wellington.
You can find a brief review of this presentation here.

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  1. Am in Christchurch but wish I could be there.

    Had you seen Marty Weitzman's take-down of Stern? Quoting Weitzman below, he is essentially saying that Stern's empirical analysis was specifically designed to get a particular outcome. That's pretty harsh.

    "As we have seen, to be honest about the economic-analysis side the Stern Review predetermines the outcome in favor of strong immediate action to curtail greenhouse gas emissions
    by creating a very low value of r=1.4% via the indirect route of picking parameter values ... that are more of a theoretically-reasoned extreme lower bound than an
    empirically-plausible estimate of representative tastes. In this sense the reverse-engineered
    output of PAGE and the formal economic analysis of the Review are worth very little."


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