Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Over 50. Hot or not?

The French, it's said, are more likely to celebrate "real women" than they are vapid teenage bimbettes.
The French have long been far less likely than their UK counterparts to run in disgust from a woman old enough to be, well, their first wife... Over there, actresses in their 50s and 60s (Charlotte Rampling (right), Jane Birkin, Catherine Deneuve (left)) still attract love-interest roles as a matter of course; over here they'd be lucky to land the role of "put-upon mum" in a gravy advert.

Likewise, the French applauded when presidential candidate Segolene Royal, 53, was snapped in a bikini on a beach - none of the childish barfing of our press when poor Cherie B is pictured in a one-piece or when even Jerry Hall was teased for her cellulite. Then there was the Paris Match photo spread of Arielle Dombasle, 53, wife of philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy, featuring the singer-actress on all fours wearing a silver thong, at one point studiously adjusting her nipples.

Anyone see anything wrong with that?


  1. One of the few things in life that the French are right about. Older women can be very dishy ;o)

  2. It is seen is how stylish continental women are, vs the veritable slobs many British women are. I recall the French ambassador to NZ said this once.

    The continental sense of life about beauty, passion and sex is light years ahead of the anglo-saxon mix of sluttiness, prudishness and pervert hunting. Anglo Saxon attitudes are either outrage or anything goes.

  3. Hot, definitely hot.


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