Thursday, 22 February 2007

A historic ceremony for Saturday's Six Nations game in Dublin

News just in from RTE Ireland about an historic joint ceremony to be held before Ireland's crunch Six Nations game against England in Croke Park on Saturday. The Croke Park venue -- normally a Hurling and Gaelic Football (GAA) venue -- is being used since Lansdowne Rd is under renovation, but as history minded readers will be aware, the ground has some history that first needs to be laid to rest:
The significance of the game is not lost on GAA followers and republicans who remember the infamous shooting of 14 players and supporters by the British Army on the 21st November 1921.
However according to GAA spokesman Ulick Magee a plan being devised by the GAA and the Northern Ireland office, will attempt to draw a line under the incident.

"We've spoken to the British government and they understand the significance of the event back in 1921. Back then 14 people were killed by British forces so in the spirit of the peace process and friendship we're proposing that we shoot 14 of their lot before the match. Then maybe have fireworks afterwards or something."

The plan has had a mixed reaction from Downing Street. Prime Minister Tony Blair thinks the idea has merit but said that it needs to be done properly and with dignity. "Frankly I think its a small price to pay for progression in Anglo-Irish affairs, but I think the idea of getting Ray Houghton to do the shooting would be too much for many English fans to take particularly after his goal against us back in 1988. And he's Scottish which is worse."
Candidates for the shooting include "moaney-hole singer James Blunt, foul mouth idiot Jade Goody, Trinny & Suzannah, Man Utd donkey Rio Ferdinand, cream cake expert Vanessa Feltz, "comedian" Russell Brand and any of the blokes who do outside broadcasts for Sky News.
But discussions took an ironic twist when both sides agreed on shooting Belfast singer Brian Kennedy, but neither side agreed on what nationality he was.
News that Bono was to offer himself up for martyrdom as a gesture of inter-nation amity were, unfortunately, denied by band manager Paul McGuiness.

British & Irish Governments plan ceremony in Croke Park: Controversial game will be started with compromise gesture - Indymedia Ireland

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