Friday, 23 February 2007


Spotted this in this morning's Dominion, apparently snaffled from The Times:
Kiwi songbird drives animals crazy
She may possess 'the voice of an angel' but to some of our four-legged
friends Hayley Westenra is a pain in the ear. According to her record
company, the 19-year-old New Zealand soprano can sing beyond the range of human hearing, hitting notes that can be heard only by animals. But, unlike the people
who have bought millions of her albums, the animals appear less than impressed.
A border terrier called Iggy Pup was the first to react when Westenra went
into her English studio to make her latest album and began to explore how high
she could sing.

Yep. I know just how Iggy feels. "A pain in the ear" is pretty much how I'd describe hearing Hayley. But why is this considered news? Answer here, at the story's conclusion: "Westenra's third album, Treasure, is out on Monday." Ah, there you go. "Iggy Pup will probably give it a miss," the story concludes. Me too. That probably means the houses of a few friends wil be out of bounds for a while. Uuugh!



  1. How dare you knock our hayley, you are just jeolous you can't sing like her, our dog too does have some issues with Hayley at times, but lets be thankful we are not dogs.



  2. Bloody screeching girl. You could install her on an ambulance roof and she would clear traffic like no other device.

  3. Maria, she can't sing. She has a voice good enough for the lead role in the high school musical but not more, unfortunately no-one told her.

  4. I wouldn't mind listening to Hayley music once and a while although I don't have a copy of her CD. In fact I prefer to listen to Michael Jackson's music mostly the 'Thriller' CD more often when I sit down to enjoy drinking a doz of lion red or steinlager.

  5. You'd need more than a dozen beer to enjoy a Michael Jackson record. ;^)

  6. I heard a sound very similar to Westernra once.
    I was pulling nails out of an old corrugated-iron roof....

  7. Michael Jackson does go down well with the kids.

  8. In the article she says "with vocal gymnastics it's at least two and a bit octaves above [middle C]". Three octaves above middle C is only 2,100 Hz which is perfectly audible.

    On the other hand is a woman who can hit G10, (about 25,000 Hz methinks).

  9. She look alright, but. I'll do you a deal. Get her to stop off at my place in Potts Pt next time she's visitng the Opera House and I'll give her something to shut her up.


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