Thursday, 22 February 2007

Death threats?

Yes, it's all over the news that an anonymous poster posted a threat -- not "death threats" (plural), just a threat (singular) -- against anti-smacking Bill author Sue Bradford on the CYFSWatch. Most of you here know my views on anonymous posters, that most of the them post in a cowardly fashion, but since the news is not exactly reporting the full context of the threat (no surprise there) I'm posting a link to it here*. Decide for yourself.

I'll simply note that the anonymous poster is drawing attention to the distinction I was making yesterday: the one between smacking and beating. Here to me is the crux:
Sue sees no difference between a parent smacking their children, and the awful assaults that have been perpetuated on children that are now dead.

Since Sue cannot tell the difference, I would like the opportunity to [hit her in a very thorough fashion]. I would then give her a light smack on her substantial arse, and ask her "Now Sue, is the difference a little more clearer to you?".
A pity that a good point was somewhat overshadowed (and left unreported) due to the rather unnecessary threat.

UPDATE 1: Should the post or the entire CYFSWatch blog be banned? Libertarianz leader Bernard Darnton tackles the question on his Free Speech blog, Section 14 :
The question is: does this post constitute something close enough to an act of force that it should be banned?

And the answer is no.
You can read his reasoning here. Here's a Tory who disagrees. And so does the otherwise pro-free speech Idiot/Savant.

* UPDATE 2: Oops. The post is gone. And so is the whole CYFSWatch blog. That didn't take long. There'll be a story here, for sure.

UPDATE 3: CYFSWatch say that Google have shut the site down, following pressure from ... whom? Several mirror sites have been set up -- including this one at WordPress -- but so far without the offending post. The authors of CFYSWatch themselves say they ain't going away: "One bullet does not win a battle."

LINKS: Death threats over NZ 'anti-smack bill' - The Australian
Smacking is not beating - Not PC
CYFSWatch Mirror site at Wordpress

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  1. CYFSWatch no more? Your link doesn't work, and neither does the http address... If Google has actually pulled the plug this time it will be interesting to see how their promised mirror sites are viewed by other hosts.

    Prediction: Bye bye CYFSWatch. A site that could have fulfilled a useful function, but continually shot itself in the foot by sponsoring anonymous, violent nutjobs. The challenge is for another person/group to step in and set up a more robust, less insane version. Accountability is good.


  2. They are mirrored at Given that Wordpress has more stringently policed and defined Terms of Service, I wouldn't imagine they'll be housed there long.


  3. We aim to please.

  4. Interestingly, the police seem to think the comments are legal, so perhaps I was mistaken. I'm trying to get their opinion so I can hold them to it in future cases.


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