Thursday, 22 February 2007

Aliens cause global warming?

"Aliens cause global warming." That's not as unlikely as it might sound. Michael Crichton makes the case here in the typically dramatic way you'd expect of a best-selling author. I guarantee you'll find food for thought. Roger Dewhurst of NZ's Climate Science Coalition suggests:
After reading this anyone would have to agree that he speaks more sense and conveys more wisdom than so many of the world famous scientific authorities on this matter - even including Al Gore and Leonardo De Capricio. This is the best history of the debasement of public science I have read. You might not think there could be any connection between Aliens in Outer Space and Climate Change – but there is and it is strong and Crichton lays out the pathway with devastating clarity. I too lived through the times he describes and never thought to make the connections.
And further recent food for thought on the most state-intrusive threat facing the world today -- ie., political action to face the 'global warming' threat -- has been compiled by Roger Dewhurst, with what he calls "a useful list of URLs" If you've been keeping up, you'll have seen many of them here before.
To this list of essential reading, I would simply add these four gems:
The last two between then are a damned useful resource, particularly for teachers who are required to screen Al Bore's film to their captive children, and who would like a rational alternative to further discussion.

Enjoy. And don't say I don't keep you up with your reading material. Oh, and by the way, Pharyngula has a useful plot point suggestion for Michael Crichton, all about what to do "if you're ever stranded in the Great White North, short of ammo for your shotgun." ;^)

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  1. The experimental evidence described in "An experiment that hints we are wrong on climate change" published in a paper by Dr. HENRIK SVENSMARK et al, from Centre for Sun-Climate Research, Danish National Space Centre throws more doubts about this claim of man-made global warming. This very important paper had been largely ignored by the main media and also by the main climate science related peer review journals.

    Dr. HENRIK SVENSMARK's paper on this experimental evidence of cosmic connection to global warming is not yet available from his list of publications (see link shown above), however I had requested a copy from him and he did send me one. I realized the importance of this paper which is now appeared to be increasingly cited by newsmedia, climate science debate, Google search (HENRIK SVENSMARK), etc, etc, I thought of posting it on the internet, but I haven't got a permission from the authors (Dr. HENRIK SVENSMARK, et al) to do so. I just sent an email again to Dr. HENRIK SVENSMARK requesting his permission to post the full article on the internet. Anyone can request a copy of this paper from Dr. HENRIK SVENSMARK where his email is listed on his site (see link above) and I am sure he would be keen to send whoever this paper.

    By the mean time if PC wants to summarise this paper and post it in his blog while I await a permission from Dr. HENRIK SVENSMARK to make the full publication available online, then I can send a copy of the paper. This paper is readable even for non-climate scientists. There are only a few equations for their numerical simulations at the end, but the whole document is understandable to anyone really.

  2. Oops. I forgot to quote the title of this paper: Experimental evidence for the role of ions in particle nucleation under atmospheric conditions , which was published in 2006 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society journal.

    Here is just the abstract:

    Experimental studies of aerosol nucleation in air, containing trace amounts sulphur dioxide and water vapour at concentrations relevant for the Earth’s are reported. The production of new aerosol particles is found to be proportional negative ion density and yields nucleation rates of the order of 0.1–1 suggests that the ions are active in generating an atmospheric reservoir
    thermodynamically stable clusters, which are important for nucleation
    atmosphere and ultimately for cloud formation.

    Keywords: cosmic rays; aerosol nucleation; clouds;


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