Sunday, 28 January 2007

Today's Bible story: "Some qualifying questions"

For today's delectation, a cartoon for those of you who get your moral guidance from a dusty old book of fairy stories. [Hat tip Diana at Noodle Food].

So how many of you lot get through? How many of you have sold all your possessions and given it all to Te Poor? (And just what happens when Te Poor gets to heaven, and it's revealed that they haven't given away that boon? Have you damned them to hellfire, you evil bastard?)

LINK: Cartoon from Russell's Teapot (where you can find many more of the same)

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  1. This post is unfair. You'll find most Christians readily follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus.

    I guarantee if you approach any conservative Christian, (especially those hosting radio talkback shows around the world), and threaten to bash them, they'll without doubt turn the other cheek and offer no resistance, as Jesus instructed.

    And if you steal from them, (like take their cloak, stuff like that) they'll without doubt offer you other stuff to steal from them also, without resistance.

    Take it, they'll say, please take it, help yourself, as Jesus said. He is the way, the truth and the light.

    P.S. You'll also find that almost all conservative Christians just love their enemies to bits, just love 'em, as Jesus instructed. How can anyone doubt this?

  2. So both of you are off to heaven!

  3. So those conservative Christians that vote for governments that want to imprison, fine and generally threaten people with punishment for breaking laws they want, based on Biblical principles, they are just an aberration.


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