Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Record year for GE crops!

Nearly a dozen years after commercial release of genetically engineered, "a record number of biotech crops were planted worldwide last year."
Some 10.3 million farmers in 22 countries grew engineered crops on 252 million acres last year, a 13 percent increase over 2005, according to the report. About 9.3 million of those people were considered subsistence farmers...In 1996, the first year genetically modified crops were commercially available, about 4.3 million acres were under cultivation. Now genetically engineered crops are grown throughout the Americas, China and India. Last year, Slovakia became the sixth European Union country to plant genetically engineered crops
In all this time it's still the case that "no illness has been attributed to biotechnology crops." The same cannot be said however of organic crops.

Despite this however, the critics are still not happy: "Critics complained the gains were more of the same: aimed at making corn, soy and cotton crops resistant to weed killers and bugs." Nothing to do with critics and regulators in the US and Europe doing all they can to keep GE crops off the market. These are people who would complain if there house was on fire, and then complain again if someone came along and put it out.  

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- USA Today 

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  1. The scaremongering over this is fading away, but still people listen to the luddites.

    The anti-science brigade won the short term political argument, but the science is lost on them.

  2. PC, can you please have alook at the exchange in this thread?


  3. I have long been arguing for GE crops being allowed to be grown in this country but no one ever listens to me.


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