Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Outflanking Labour on the left, and heading straight for the bottom

I don't usually comment on polls, but many National Socialist supporters have argued that John Boy Key needs to outflank Helen on the left in order to attract more support -- to which I've pointed out to you that at 49% under Don Brash (in the last TVNZ poll before he was ousted) you lot already had that support, and for policies that weren't just warm and squishy and as insubstantial as the John and Billy team can make them.

So I will occasionally comment on these polls, just so I can rub your noses in what a mess your Dweam Team is making of their job. In fact, I'll let the new Roy Morgan poll, taken from Jan 3-21 tell the story:
In January, support for the New Zealand Labour Government is up 3.5% to 41% (0.1% below its 2005 General Election result). Support for the National Party is down 3.5% to 41%...
Spin that, suckers.

LINK: In NZ: Support for Labour up 3.5% - Roy Morgan

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  1. How unsurprising. Helen Clark keeps accusing national of having no policies and only slogans throughout their 7 years of Opposition. Well now, thanks to Mr Copycat, that is true. How he ever made it in business is beyond me.

  2. Robert Winefield30 Jan 2007, 14:41:00

    Spin that?

    Easy, National is advancing in circles... ;-)

  3. This is totally unrelated but feel free to have a look at a new centre right blog www.brooklynblue.blogzone.co.nz

  4. Are you at all familiar with the concept of spam, Oliver?

  5. Love it - may be JBK already knew about the poll result when he put the following in his speech:

    "For me, politics is not about the pursuit of power for the sake of it. Unlike some, I won't measure the success or failure of my political career by the number of years I hold office."

    Farrar had put that on his blog and I thought "you've got to be joking!" when I read it.

  6. It was a real shame when Don Brash resigned. Now we'll be stuck with Helen for god knows how long, and an incompetent National party with nowhere to go. And if Don's shown us anything, it's that standing up for your policies does work-contrary to what John Key is now doing, and subsequently National's been losing in the polls.

  7. If I didn't want Labour out so much, I'd hope for a repeat performance of 21% at the next election with the opposition vote going to perhaps two more principled parties. The fuckers were burnt in 2002 with this bullshit, and deserve to be burnt again - how many times do the National Socialists have to learn, they are NOT born to rule and CANNOT just wait for Labour to fuck up.

  8. Indeed, Callum. People don't like the no policies nonsense of Key. Notice he didn't give policies in his speech? Exactly as I expected.

    If only the 3.5 National lost had gone to Libertarianz.

  9. Kane Bunce said...
    [If only the 3.5 National lost had gone to Libertarianz]

    I suspect that they had gone to ACT.


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