Friday, 19 January 2007

Oh Brother.

I confess I have no idea why non-news makes the news , and it's not just because it's still silly season that some slapper spat on UK TV show Big Brother is news even here in NZ. Slappers sell, it seems. If you want to know why the Big Brother spat is the biggest news in the UK, for goodness' sake, and even contaminating our own news, then Liberty Scott has the links and the lowdown. If you can be bothered.

UPDATE 1: Bernard Darnton observes the irony that "Sadly, far more people are interested in Big Brother the TV show than in Big Brother the all-seeing state that punishes thought-crime." And he also finds the most sensible of common-sense comments on the brouhaha from the unlikeliest of commentators, David Cameron, who observes of the hordes of Britich complainants complaining to the regulator, “There’s a great regulator called the off button and I think we should use it.” Amen.

UPDATE 2: That's a gratuitous picture of Shilpa Shetty there, just so you can try and work out why the slapper might just be jealous. Any idea?

LINK: The rise and fall of Jade Goody - Liberty Scott
'East Angular' momentum - Section 14 (Bernard Darnton)

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  1. I watched five minutes of a Big Brother episode once, and instantly fell into a catatonic stupor. That shows how bad it is, as I have fairly low-brow tastes in television, but even my viewing standards have a limit.

  2. You know how it is - it's essentially media self promotion. It's news for them, so it's news for us.

  3. I saw the news article and thought, "Why are they showing this." Then I realised there wasn't even evidence that it was racist. It seems simply telling an "ethnic" person to shut up and abusing them in a way that doesn't mention race is "racist" now. Why doesn't the same apply to Caucasians? Why isn't it racist to do the same to them? Because they aren't "ethnic"? Sorry, not good enough.

  4. It's come close, but the end is nigh - hopefully tonight the slapper will be voted off and it will be the end of her career - and maybe the show, as the major sponsor has withdrawn.

  5. Well she has got great stomach tone...the chick in the photo, not Jade of course...

    You have to give credit where it is due.

  6. This program is for people who like to watch bitchiness.

    The producers select a cast who are by nature abrasive and bitchy.

    They confine them together and hope they will shag or fight- preferably both!

    SO what is with these wankers that are outraged at seeing bitchiness?- that's all it is folks- nothing to see here, move along!


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