Thursday, 25 January 2007

Fundies say the darndest things

Stephen Hicks has spotted "a collection of frighteningly hilarious fundamentalist opinions." If they weren't all serious, they sure would be hilarious.

LINK: Top 100 FStDT quotes - FundiesSayTheDarndestThings.Com

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  1. Badly thought-out quotes are not really funny...

    Just been reading Ann Coulter's latest book and her quotes, from academics defending evolution, or who attack - in the name of science - those who invite debate on it, actually *are* hilarious, particularly when accompanied by Coulter's wit.

    As they say, humour is based on truth.

  2. They are a window to the standard of society breed by altruism and educational neglect.

    It is worthy of mourning.

  3. gogglebox13351252352352352354351 Jul 2009, 10:01:00

    @S. Baldrick:

    Using 'Ann Coulter' and 'Wit' in the same sentence?

    How dare you.


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