Sunday, 28 January 2007

'Bad guys'

A NZ HERALD headline above a Reuters story: Muslims complain of 'bad guy' movie image.

Gee. Do you think there's a reason for that "image"?

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  1. I think the comment of the year comes from one of those Sikhs who had his dagger confiscated. Trying to reason why their harmless ceremonial daggers were confiscated he said:

    "I think people are still paranoid after 9/11 but I'm not even Muslim," he said. "I have a turban, see, so that's how you can tell."

  2. I don't understand why the Sikh thought it was OK to carry daggers onto a plane. Seems a bit stupid to me - why not pack them into a suitcase? Perhaps they should travel to Napier by donkey or something if they are not up to the rules of modern travel.