Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Wayne Kerr leads Nats

John Boy Key struggles to be all things to all people while trying to remember where he was in 1981. "In 1981, were you for or against the Springbok Tour?" asks Fresh FM's Matt Lawrey. (Notes Russell Brown: "It's a good question because it explores a fundamental divide in New Zealand society. You couldn't be older than 12 at the time and not have an opinion on it.")

Replies the Wet One: "Oooh, I can't even remember. [Giggle]. 1981? Um, ahh, hmmm ...... I dont' really know ... I, I, I, ah, I ... don't really have a strong feeling of it ... at the time - it's such a long time ago..." Do you have an easy one?

As Russell Brown summarises, Key's answers are "insipid."
Listening to it (and it's worth listening to the whole thing), the impression is that he's unsure what he should say. The interview moves on to why he voted against the civil unions legislation and again he gives vague, even contradictory answers. He doesn't care "whether people are gay or lesbian," but thought the government was being dishonest and ought to have said its aim was really gay marriage. So he's in favour of gay marriage? No, he's "not entirely sure whether gay and lesbian people should be able to get married."
Listen to the interview at the Hard News site, and another interview hosted there in which John Boy sucks up to a Christian TV interviewer. Concludes Russell: "Key doesn't seem able to articulate a strong political philosophy, even to back up his stated beliefs. "

And ain't that the truth. What does John Boy Key stand for? You'd have to ask the last person he spoke to.

UPDATE: BTW, the 'Shine TV' link at Russell's site has meteorologist Augie Auer (discussing global warming) on after John Boy. Bit too much religion for may taste, but. ;^)

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  1. Such a complete cock, Labour should be able to make mincemeat of him.

  2. I can't recall what I was doing in 1981. Maybe because it was one year before my birth. :-P

    He is going to hand Labour the next election. And just when they were really on the ropes too.

  3. The fact that Brown is dissing him shows how right I am. He owuld be ignored otherwise.

    It's not going to take much at all for Key to win the next election - you focus on the wrong things.

    Would you like a small wager on the next poll results? I think not. All sizzle and no steak.

  4. Richard McGrath5 Dec 2006, 15:04:00

    "Would you like a small wager on the next poll results? I think not. All sizzle and no steak."

    How can one make a wager with an anonymous entity?

    John Key's invertebrate display over the last week just shows how much better Don Brash was. I predict the National vote will collapse when people realise Key doesn't really stand for anything.

  5. The only acceptable excuses for not answering are that he was either not in the country, or was still in primary school. Fucking Eunuch!


  6. How can one make a wager with an anonymous entity?

    Indeed. By being anonymous he/she/it is the one that is "all steak and no sizzle" as he/she/it can just evade since we don't know him/her/it.

    Besides, anonymous, history shows that when you try to out-do someone by copying them you fail, not succeed.


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