Tuesday, 5 December 2006

No spark for Key, but Ashes test catches fire

A contrast of two contests this afternoon:
  • John Boy Key's first Question Period in parliament today was predicted to be full of fireworks, but turned out to be no contest -- the chamber was buried in fog, and the drip was buried by the Prime Minister.
  • By contrast, the last day of the Ashes Second Test was predicted to be a dull draw, but that contest is a very different story to the non-contest in Helengrad: England are at time of writing 5/77 and Australia on the charge! Is there still enough time for Aus to burgle a victory and go two up?!


  1. Maybe Key should watch a full replay of today's Ashes and learn a thing or two about being decisive. I have seen the Auusie cricketers in action and they are very decisive, unlike Key who can't decide at all.

  2. Come on England ! Hold on for the love of God!

  3. Unfortunately, libs, and right-wingers like myself are an endangered species. Once a critical mass of about 40% of the electorate is addicted to generous government social programs, it's game over for any other alternative, until the country is bankrupt of course. National for its part will discover in 2008 that it simply cannot outspend Labour.

    With 40 odd % voting for a Govt to provide them with everything, and alleviate all responsibility and purpose from their lives, it's only going to get worse. The Don was a good man, but look at all the shit he got.

    ..Get used to it..

  4. Those English are such sporting chaps.

    My lack of faith in them has been vindicated - off to the TAB.

    It's like betting against the Knights...

  5. Well the Aussies won! Key on the other hand won't. He will learn he can't out-Labour Labour. They will just do more Labour like stuff to out do him. they have more experience at it and aren't just being copycats so will beat him at the out-Labouring contest.


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