Monday, 4 December 2006

Speed maidens get their signs out

The Danes have worked out how to slow down speeding drivers: Have a young, attractive, topless woman do the job. Pictured right is one of Denmark's new 'speed maidens.' As one Copenhagen motorist explained, "It's really kind of obvious. Why didn't they think of this sooner."

Frankly, if LTSA is going to waste my money road safety campaigns, then rather than the vile and pathetic TV ads, I'd far rather see some attractive young speed maidens fronting a more attractive campaign. As the Sunday Times says, this is a "flash of road safety genius."

Video report here. [Hat tip Crusader Rabbit]

LINKS: Flash of road safety genius - Sunday Times
Video report - Speed Bandits
Flash of road safety genius - Crusader Rabbit

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  1. PC said...
    [As one Copenhagen motorist explained, "It's really kind of obvious. Why didn't they think of this sooner."]

    PC, I know your stance on "Quantum Mechanics Copenhagen Interpretation" where you're uncomfortable , or disagree with it, but certainly you do agree wholeheartedly, with the Copenhagen interpretation as depicted by the young woman's picture.

  2. Hahaha. Consider me a strong convert to the Copenhagen Interpretation. :-)

  3. Maybe there is a God...! Hey Helen..if you are looking at Scandanavian countries for ideas to apply here can I recommend....;-)

  4. Indeed, PC. That would be more appealing than the silly TV ads we see on such a regular basis. Ads that have made very little difference if any I might add. The topless woman campaign worked though. A lesson to be learned perhaps?

    I know it'd get my attention. But then no doubt women's "rights" activists would complain, failing to realise that woman have the right to be choose what to wear or not to wear.

  5. Bog off! That's all I need on the southern with the bloody roadworks already slowing things down for as far as the eye can see!

  6. They could have lined up flashing breasts or not this morning, I couldn't drive faster than 10km an hour. So if the Copenhangen interpretation comes with quantum jumps, let's go for it.

  7. It's the Uncertainty Principle wot does they or don't they..
    real or silicone-enhanced...

  8. You're all tragic. :)

  9. If this be tragic, then make the most of it. :-P

  10. If there was a naked guy who rotated his hips and swung his codger 180 or 360 degrees, whilst holding out a traffic sign against his chest, I definitely would have hit the picks for a better look and most probably have gone clean up the jacksie of the car in front driven by another woman ahead who was wiping the sweat off her brow and adjusting her glasses.

  11. looks more like a compulsory stop sign to me

  12. The most enthusiastically socialist part of Europe has had this delightful other side since the 60s

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  14. OK, that slows down the straight men and lesbians - but I feel excluded. Where are the bottomless blond Nordic studs... purely in the interests of gender equality in the public service, of course. :)


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