Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Newberry Sale!

Artist Michael Newberry (whose work and Mini-Tutorials many of you will know from being displayed here at Not PC) has just endured an explosion in his Manhattan building! True story. Says Michael:

It was terribly shocking and very scary. Luckily, no one was injured. There was no damage to my paintings and I only lost a few drawings . . .
He's now loftless, and in search of a studio and a place to dry out his paintings from the deluge inflicted upon them by the sprinkler system -- and to attract a little 'moving capital' he's offering a twenty percent discount on all his artwork. A bargain! He positively invites you to take advantage of his misfortune!

Here, to begin your browsing, is a piece from a series of California Land and Seascapes, 2005-6.

LINKS: Newberry Art - Michael Newberry
A Passionate Vision, Price List - Michael Newberry

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