Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Last week's top headlines

Some of last week's top headlines, courtesy Lyndon Hood at Scoop [hat tip, Kiwi Herald]

Helen Clark Agitated After Fijian PM Overthrown Over Corruption Allegations, Foreshore Legislation

Release Of 2050 Energy Strategy Leads To Parliamentary Hot-Air Trading

Draft Energy Efficiency Strategy: Save Power By Reducing Drafts

Telecom Unbundling Bill Solves Every Problem In Country

Parliament Stops Sitting; Politicians Keep Lying

Public Servants To Work Even Less Over Christmas Season

...and my favourite :

Nats To Contest 2008 Election On Global Warming, Maori Issues
- Labour To Propose Tax Cuts

And here, courtesy of David Slack (who was sent it by six disgruntled Gnats) is an advance draft for National's forthcoming, all-new, all-focus-grouped, billboard campaign:

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Blogger Kane Bunce said...

Nats To Contest 2008 Election On Global Warming, Maori Issues - Labour To Propose Tax Cuts

Is it just me or was that not the other way around in the 2005 elections?

19 Dec 2006, 13:44:00  
Blogger PC said...

Should I hang out the 'Satire' shingle again?

19 Dec 2006, 13:46:00  
Blogger Steve said...

salva veritate I believe is the latin explanation.

20 Dec 2006, 09:31:00  
Blogger Kane Bunce said...

Um what does that phrase mean, Steve? I don't know any Latin.

20 Dec 2006, 10:45:00  
Blogger Berend de Boer said...


21 Dec 2006, 16:43:00  

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