Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Christmas Advice from Lord Byron

I would to heaven that I were so much clay,
As I am blood, bone, marrow, passion, feeling--
Because at least the past were passed away--
And for the future--(but I write this reeling,
Having got drunk exceedingly today,
So that I seem to stand upon the ceiling)
I say--the future is a serious matter--
And so--for God's sake--hock and soda-water!
(Fragment on the back of the Poet's MS. of Don Juan, Canto 1)



Blogger MandM said...

Given the miserable mess Lord Byron's personal life was why would anyone want to take his advice? LOL

20 Dec 2006, 08:37:00  
Blogger Kane Bunce said...

Um, Peter, what is the message?

20 Dec 2006, 10:46:00  
Blogger PC said...

"Um, Peter, what is the message?"

"...the future is a serious matter--
And so--for God's sake--hock and soda-water!"

20 Dec 2006, 15:27:00  

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