Thursday, 30 November 2006

Yahara Boat Club - Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright's Yahara Boat House, for the University of Wisconsin. Designed in 1905, ground for its construction was finally broken just this year, in September 2006!

The project has a website, and a twelve-minute video (try to ignore the ultra-cheesy soundtrack).

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  1. As much as I am a fan of his work, this is not one of his better creations. It looks exactly like a public toilet, complete with "Mens" and "Ladies" on each side. Ugh.

  2. Blair,

    As a yachtie, might I point out that before you go out onto the water and after you come in you want to change between dry land gear.

    The Men's and Ladies' are changing rooms. Pretty hard to have a boating club without them. Or any sports club, for that matter.

  3. As a non-yachtie that sounds reasonable but does it still have to look like a public toilet?

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