Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Offline: iHug and PC

As you've probably heard, iHug's broadband customers are all offline today. And as you might have realised by now, I am one of those customers. Bugger.

If iHug comes back online later this afternoon, I will try and post something substantial.

If not, then try and enjoy yourselves without me.


  1. I *Really* want to leave ihug.

    But don't want to pay the bastards money for disconnecting me. They have by far been the worst ISP I've ever had to deal with.

  2. Having just had Xtra take 9 days to get my broardband back up after finally working out that there was a problem in their exchange,something I new from day one,I question your ihug claim mikee.....but Im willing to be convinced...

  3. My experiances with ihug:

    - Billing error where they didn't bill us for 2 months when they switched over to electronic bills, then got all shitty when it hadn't been paid.
    - Waiting for 4 hours over a weekend on hold and not getting through to thir 25 hours customer service
    - Waiting for over an hour to get to their customer service during business hours
    - Problems with thier usage meters not working properly, not updating in days
    - Ihug going down faster than a first year during o week
    - Ihug never replying to my email complaining about poor service
    - Their "free" ADSL modem turned out to be a crappy USB one for laptops rather than a router..
    - When I said I wanted to d/c and go to another provider due to their appaling customer service and crap levels of service they demand an early d/c fee.


    The worst thing would have to be the attitudes of their CSRs in the call centre though. Having worked at a call centre I know how to handle customers properly - my dealings with them have always had CSR's who really couldn't care less.

    At least when I was with Xtra my internet worked and I could get through to their contact centre.

    All I want is an ISP that works most of the time, and is easy to get hold of - even if it means paying more.

  4. you could try iconz. Minimal extra service (no news feed), but works reasonable well for me.

  5. And Ihug went down for us (again) last nite.

    Can't be bothered ringing them up.. got better things to do than waste another hour of my life on hold.

    Its nice paying for a service you can't use when you want!


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