Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Manhattan Sports Stadium - Frank Lloyd Wright

New sports pavilion for New York's Belmont Park Raceway, 1956. The sketch claims 90,000 heated seats in a project described by Wright in this way:
A massive slab, with four levels reached by twelve or sixteen escalators (Depending on size of stand), covered by a translucent plastic roof, suspended on a lacework of slender tensile cables.
(Unfortunately the sketch in my book scanned here crosses two pages, and my own skills with Photoshop are insufficient to remedy the line down the middle. Any volunteers ?)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

your architecture posts are boring what else have you got

22 Nov 2006, 10:17:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you noticed there are no comments about the architecture posts

22 Nov 2006, 10:42:00  
Blogger Brian S said...

Anon. if you don't like PC's posts then piss off and go somewhere else. Personally I find his architecture posts quite interesting, even though I tend not to comment.

22 Nov 2006, 11:14:00  
Blogger Kane Bunce said...

I agree with Brain. If you don't like t=something, don't bother with it. I usually just ignore his posts that don't interest me. I don't complain. Maybe you could learn a lesson from that. It's his blog, so he can but whatever topic he wants here, providing it doesn't breach the Blogger terms and conditions.

22 Nov 2006, 11:36:00  
Blogger Kane Bunce said...

The guy is an architect so it is understanding for him to put architecture posts on his blog. For a man to post about his profession in his blog is not a bad thing, it is good, especially if it is one he quite likes, as PC clearly does with architecture. My blog will soon post about my main desired professions: writer and computer programming. When I do so it will be a sensible thing to do, as it will reveal a lot about me. Especially, the writing posts, as like any art, writing and architecture tell you a lot about the artist's values.

22 Nov 2006, 11:41:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think thats Brian not Brain

22 Nov 2006, 12:06:00  
Blogger Kane Bunce said...

Opps, please forgive the typo. It was an honest error. Sorry about that Brian.

22 Nov 2006, 12:40:00  
Blogger P-Style said...


Being a non-architect I find PC's architecture material to be some of the best stuff on this site. In fact, it was an architecture search that first elad me to this blog. While I don't support everytinh PC says, I do value the design discussions that take place here.

22 Nov 2006, 12:47:00  
Anonymous Eric Crampton said...

I went to see the Peregrine winery in Otago as consequence of the post here; thanks for letting me know about it! A rather remarkable building.

22 Nov 2006, 14:04:00  
Blogger peasant said...

Looks wonderful. Manukau's new "waka" is only a tenth of this vision. As usual the elites in central Auckland get the mega money, the brown folk of south Auckland are unworthy of such extravagance

22 Nov 2006, 20:14:00  

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