Monday, 13 November 2006

Munich Olympic Stadium - Frei Otto

From the Stadiums-That-Aren't-Big-Boxes file comes this beauty, the 1972 Munich Olympic Stadium designed by Frei Otto, which had a huge impact when first seen.

The stadium was a revelation: light, airy, free and with all the delicate strength of the highly tuned athletes the stadium was built to celebrate.

TAGS: Stadium, Architecture


  1. Heh, looks like a giant cobweb. Would probably fit in well at Carlaw in that case.

  2. Our desire to build a world class bedpan instead of a world class stadium speaks volumes. While I like the Carlaw Park idea, the pin heads in Wellington have left us at least one decent choice - Eden Park. It's the only option of the two they have deigned to give us that could be ready for 2011. Nice pics! Pity we didn't have the forsight to plan for something decent.

  3. Unfortunatly Munich stadium also paints a picture of what is likely to happen with our own bedpan; it certainly doesn't get packed out anymore... (Although when we were there I noticed the Olympic swimming complex was perpetually busy.).


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