Thursday, 30 November 2006


With Christmas and the next Free Radical magazine both nearly upon us, the semi-official 'Not PC'/Free Radical /'Darnton V Clark' Xmas barbecue is imminent: this Friday, December 1, and you're invited.
Details here.


Blogger Kane Bunce said...

I want to go to that but the lack of money I have this week, i.e., literally none, makes it impossible.

28 Nov 2006, 11:47:00  
Blogger Eric Olthwaite said...



29 Nov 2006, 12:55:00  
Anonymous Falafulu Fisi said...

Is Keith Locke or Tandor invited ? If the Libz want some dope then look no further than those two. Keith lives in that area, so he is close by. How about Rodney Hide ? It is his electorate though, where the BBQ venue is.

29 Nov 2006, 16:11:00  
Blogger Julian Pistorius said...

TANSTAAFL = There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

From The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, by Heinlein, if my memory serves. An excellent book.

30 Nov 2006, 08:05:00  
Blogger Berend de Boer said...

It was a busy and as far as I can judge a successful happening, thanks for inviting us all PC!

And thanks for the personal tour of the organon designed home. One day I hope to be capitalist enough to be able to afford a personally designed home myself.

But it seems I'll have to wait a couple of governments before tax cuts might make make that a reality...

1 Dec 2006, 21:48:00  
Blogger Eric Olthwaite said...

Yes it was very enjoyable.

Within five minutes of walking in the door Peter had already told me I was fat and managed to get me to write/organise articles for the Free Rad.

You Objectivist charmer you. Bloody nice house though, all three levels are like one big room.

2 Dec 2006, 12:23:00  
Blogger PC said...

"Within five minutes of walking in the door Peter had already told me I was fat.."

I believe the expression was "filled out." ;^)

Good to see you there, 'Eric,' and everyone else who came along.

From what I can now recall, it was a great night. :-)

2 Dec 2006, 14:34:00  

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