Friday, 3 November 2006

Bugger lust says Hell

Hell Pizzas' 'Lust' pizza, which comes complete with a side order of free condoms has got a lot of tits all a-tangle. The Kiwi Herald 'reports' that to appease sensitivities they're now also offering an 'Abstinence' pizza, as part of a new 'Heavenly Virtues' range.
In announcing the new 'Abstinence' Pizza, Hell Pizzas Director Warren Powell told the Kiwi Herald that the company was anxious to cater for a variety of tastes and the Abstinence pizza was the first of a series of innovations targeted at 'the more virtuous and abstemious' consumer.
The new pizza designed with the help of Catholic Bishop Dennis Brown would consist of an ultra-thin base of unleavened communion bread, no anchovies, no capers and no cheese.
The other 'Heavenly Virtues' to be offered soon, reports the Herald are "'Patience' - "for customers who are prepared to wait a very long time for their order" and 'Humility'- "for consumers who won't complain whatever is served up to them..."

LINK: Hell launches new 'Abstinence' Pizza - Kiwi Herald
Pic courtesy of Ana Samway's at the other Herald, who's own comment is also worth reading.

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  1. Coleman's interview with that Families First trust guy was quite funny.

    "You know you are playing right into their hands"

    "Yes, I do, but..."

  2. indeed pc and hamish. How stupid can these groups be. Don't order the product and don't eat it.

    If the groups who support you have to be told that, or have to be told that through the media, you have much larger problems.

  3. Does the lust pizza come with plenty or sausage (or rump if served in Ponsonby) or do they smell much of fish?
    And what about oysters?

  4. I hate it when people claim that denying ourselves pleasure is virtous! Don't get me wrong, I am in no way incouring promisciousness. In fact I disaprove of it. But unlike the "virtue" preachers I recognise that whether or not to be promiscious is a personal choice that we all have the right to. But more to the point is the fact that faithful sex (ie sex with your lover) is a beautiful and wonderful thing that if done for a rational reason (ie to celebrate and enjoy the love you share with that special person) is the exact opposite of virtue. To deny yourself such harmless and meaningful pleasure is the sin, not sex. Abstitence is the sin, not the lack there of.


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