Friday, 20 October 2006

An update from today's Hypocrisy files

From today's Hypocrisy files [Hat tip Elliot Who?]:

Fined drivers may be refunded

Thousands of motorists fined for breaching bus and transit lane bylaws during the past three and a half years could be entitled to their money back because the infringement notices were unlawful.

The Government has changed the law but has refused to backdate it because, according to parliamentary documents obtained by The Southland Times, Cabinet ministers said they were against retrospective laws and didn't think many people would ask for their money back.

Let's just read that again: "Cabinet ministers said they were against retrospective laws..."

Angry yet?


  1. This is beyond hypocrisy, this is dictatorial!

  2. I looked at the same article and came away with a slightly different perspective.


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