Friday, 20 October 2006

In the pub, with the Greens.

The last two paragraphs excepted, the Greens's Frogblog comes down refreshingly on the "more freedom, less government" side of the argument on the question of banning eighteen- and nineteen-year-olds from drinking in bars. Good stuff.

Go tell them they should do more of this "freedom" thing.

UPDATE: Great and very pointed satire on this from Lyndon Hood posted at Scoop: 'Select Committee Supports Raising Drinking Age to 41.'

The Law and Order select committee today reported to Parliament in favour of a bill to increase the legal age for purchasing alcohol to 41. In a survey of New Zealanders aged over 39 almost three quarters of respondents supported the change...
Go have a laugh, before you visit Idiot/Savant who tells you what you can do about this now that you're angry.

LINK: Mum, can we go to the pub? - Frogblog, Green Party
Drinking age bill is back - No Right Turn (Idiot/Savant)
Select Committee supports raising drinking age to 41 - Lyndon Hood, Scoop

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  1. You know Metiria Turei and Nandor used to call themselves anarchists.

  2. Given a total freedom from age limits, I would anticipate a good amrket for bars that banned unacompanied under thirties!


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