Thursday, 5 October 2006

NOT PC: Service announcement

There's been a few problems under the hood here at 'Not PC.' You've probably noticed that when you visit here you don't always get the freshest content in your browser. Sometimes you'll have to click the refresh button to see today's posts. Sometimes more than once.

And I notice too, for those who read 'Not PC' through their news reader, that you won't even be able to read this post because there's been nothing new on the Atom site feed since Monday Sept 25!

This may all be something to do with 'Not PC' not yet going to Blogger Beta. I might have to do it. Anyone yet had any experiences with Beta? Is Beta better? Or is it not?



  1. I'm on beta.. its much better, more user friendly.

    No need to mess around HTMLing the template (though you can if you want) you just add in "components" of the site.

    Make sure you save a copy of the template to your desktop in case you don't like beta - but I think you will.

    Reccomend doing it.

    Oh and the feed is working in bloglines.

  2. Crazy Joe Davola5 Oct 2006, 12:26:00

    I recommend you set yourself up a private test site and test teh features before you move to Beta as you have a customised header and format which might not migrate so well.

  3. Go the whole hog. You're more than big enough to justify purchasing hosting for your blog.

    Go to somebody like and check their SwampCroc package out, best value for money, ease of use and support that I've been able to find. Normally takes under a minute to get in touch with support and usually an hour or two to full resolution.

    Then get yourself a nice and snazzy domain name, perhaps even offer some sub-blogs on there for other Libertarianz and away you go!

    Then you'll have no more crap from Blogger or forces outside of your control.

  4. The same thing happens to NRT as well. I normally refresh when I get here and there, just to see if there is anything new. Then several days worth of stuff comes up.

  5. The Belmont Club had to abandon their original Blogspot blog - might be some sort of post limit.

    The Atom feed issue is a known problem discussed in Blogger's help pages.


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