Tuesday, 17 October 2006

IE7 - who wants it?

RobiNZ CAD Blog tests the new Internet Explorer browser IE7 so you don't have to:
The Internet Explorer Blog question: IE7 Is Coming This Month...Are you Ready? My Reply: I’m ready, but is IE7?
Turns out it's not ready.
I found several web-related applications were un-usable but maybe they are waiting for the final version before issuing patches. What was more disturbing was I found the browser itself was flakey. Tool-bars would not stay put when locked. The main IE toolbar (home, print etc) died: click the button & no response. I had to enable the menu to get access to basic functions. After that experience it's not a release I'll be rushing to install.
I'll be sticking to Firefox.

LINK: IE7 Is Coming... is it ready? - RobiNZ Cad Blog

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  1. I have used IE7 without these problems PC. However, I too am sticking with Firefox (2.0RC2 to be exact). However, I advise you and all others upgrade IE anyway, as IE is in fact integrated into Windows and IE7 is more secure and stable than IE6 and earlier, so that means your computer will be more stable and secure.

  2. The real bitch is that IE7 has different CSS compliance issues to IE6 and FF - so those of us tasked with making web sites accessable have been handed yet another variation of browser standards to deal with. Anger.

  3. The thhing is it's being deployed as a critical update so, want it or not, unless you download a patch to block it you'll get it.

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  5. Robin, actually it can be avoided without the patch to block it. If you use automatic updates just set it to ask you first whether or not to download updates. If you use the Windows Update or Microsoft Update sites then just click the Custom button not Express. That way you get to choose what updates are installed. You can even choose not to install critical updates, such as the crap known as Genuine Windows Advantage that is more annoying than IE6 even let alone 7. Genuine Advantage my ass! Genuine Advantage for Microsoft not the customers.


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