Tuesday, 24 October 2006

"I want to be an icon."

I've just seen the two finalists in NZ Idol on Breakfast TV. The bigger of the two said he wants to win because he has a long-held ambition to be an icon -- to be someone people look up to.

Is that healthy?


  1. To want to be worthy of respect and admiration is OK but to want to be an icon for its own sake is not. I would go so far as to say anyone who sees this as their end goal is the very person who couldn't handle it.

    But hasn't that series dragged on? I thought last night was the final but no... we have yet to witness the 'grand finale'. There will have been three shows with just the two finalists. Its like chinese water torture....

  2. I agree with lindsay. To want to be worthy of respect and Admiration is OK, but not to want to be an icon for the sake of being an icon.

    I want to earn respect and admiration. That is healthy I think. But to want to be an icon for the sake of being an icon? That's unhealthy.

    As for what she said about the series dragging on, well Paul Henry from the breakfast show also said that as I recall. But as the other presenter from the show said, they have always done that. And not just NZ Idol. All Idol shows and other similar shows are dragged on.

  3. Seems he wants it more for the publicity and national recognition (or "iconism"), than to really be a role model.

    And isn't he the one who stole the PSP from the Idol House? I'm not saying we shouldn't forgive and forget, but if he really wanted to be a role model he might have thought about that a tad more..

  4. Depends as to whether you define 'icon' and 'being looked up to' as the same.

    I don't, necessarily. Might have once, but not anymore. The term's bandied around all the time.

    Matt's a nice guy from my hometown .. built my sister's garage as a matter of fact! But, like most New Zealanders, he's not the most eloquent speaker.

    Agree that it's drawn out - and I don't remember three shows in the past.

  5. I think the shows is deliberately dragged on so that suckers will stuck to the TV screen every night and drive the rating for TV2.


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