Saturday, 14 October 2006

H1 & H2: Shot by Kevin Brady's gun

That roar you hear is the "roar from the courageous journalists, bloggers, National Party MPs, gutsy public servants, and lawyers who dug deep into the electoral-spending scandal," and as Fran O'Sullivan notes this morning have already achieved a victory, and this even before Darnton's case gets to court to have the spending declared illegal.

And hasn't Whale Oil's picture (right) become more prescient by the day. Now that the cycle is well past spin and set firmly at 'Hang Out To Dry,' the current favourites to get the treatment according to the Herald's Fran O'Sullivan are the two H's: either H1 or H2, or both.

Clark is now "damaged goods after the battle of Helengrad," notes O'Sullivan, and as I noted on Wednesday and O'Sullivan reports today Clark herself "basically hung Simpson out to dry in Parliament earlier in the week." In short, "resentment in some caucus quarters at the way Heather Simpson and Helen Clark have handled the issue" and at the size of the cheques they're going to have to write out to cover up the blunder might suggest either one or both might be going down, shot (in the words of the song) "by Kevin Brady's gun."
No longer will my country take this fraud from you
I so could foresee this thing happening to you
If I look hard enough into your fading run
I see it ending with Kevin Brady's gun

I see a red card and they gotta pay it back
They stole from public funds they gotta pay it back
I see MPs walk by dressed in their emperors' clothes.
They have to turf their head 'cos she caused all their woes.

Hmm, hmm, hmm, ...
What odds then on Phil Goff leading the Labour Party into the next election? Anybody like to bet against it?

LINKS: Labour MPs told to pay Brady bill? - Audrey Young, NZ Herald
Clark damaged goods after battle of Helengrad - Fran O'Sullivan, NZ Herald
Pay It Back! - VRWC, You Tube
Government changes tack on pledge card defence - Not PC (Peter Cresswell)

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  1. Er. Fran O'Sullivan commented on Tuesday's Larry Williams show that Clark had hung Heather Simpson out to dry in this affair.

  2. Yes - Simpson is the fall-guy/person like Teresa Gattung was/is for Telecom.

    The "roar from the courageous journalists, bloggers, National Party MPs, gutsy public servants" my arse - the roar from sanctimonious, self-serving buffoons is more like it - I am amazed (not) at how you have changed tack about politicians, journalists, and public servants, now that they are singing your tune.

  3. Just got your letter from Winston asking you for donations, have you?

    I'll grant you, Anonymous Number Two, that the occasional demonstration of balls from the Nats on this has been totally out of character, and their quiescent rolling over on legalising legislation is pathetic. However to the the courageous journalists, bloggers, and gutsy public servants I am raising a glass even as we speak. :-)

    And, Anon Number One, I was making no claim to prescience on this -- prescience not really being my forte you understand - simply that it was apparent earlier in the week.

  4. I should also point out that I'm on the business of praising anyone who sings my tune. :-)

  5. I'll drink to that, PC. :o)

  6. "I should also pooint out that I;m on the business of praising anyone who sings my tune."

    Uh huh - dats news to me.

    Listening to you talk about politics is like listening to Jeffrey Dahmer talk about cooking. He may be some kind of expert in making what's in the pot, but would you dare eat it?

    Gosh I'm witty.

  7. But Mike Williams said in the Herald today that Heather Simpson never does anything without Clark's say-so, so the blame must now lie with Clark herself

  8. I'd be willing to bet $50 that Clark will lead Labour into the next election.

    That is completely from a rational gambler's point of view.

  9. Is that a serious bet, Steve? Does that mean you're picking an early election too? ;^)


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