Saturday, 23 September 2006

Thought for the day ...

"When people join my campaign, they are supporting me; I am not necessarily supporting them."
-- said by Ronald Reagan in rejecting the implied collectivism of critics lumping all the supporters of his first Presidential campaign together as ideologically identical. Can anyone see any relevance to current events?

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Blogger Mark said...

Good observation, PC. I am constantly referred to as a "right-winger", a "Republican", and worse (shocking, I know!) because I support the War On Terror. I am none of the above, and can't get behind most of the rest of Bush's policies. But tiny minds can't seem to distinguish the nuances of a political platform or ideology, or deduce tyhat we don't all have to agree with everything that one candidate espouses.

24 Sep 2006, 02:05:00  

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