Thursday, 21 September 2006

Stop the mud?

I"ve heard the view expressed in recent days that politicians should stop slagging each other off and get on with running the country.

But I don't want them running the country... Do you?


  1. Well, I certainly don't have the time/ energy/ public support/ advisors to do it . . .


  2. "Well, I certainly don't have the time/ energy/ public support/ advisors to do it . . . "

    But you do. You do have the time time/ energy/ public support/ advisors to run your life, just as each of us does, and by doing that we all run our own piece of the country.

    We each run our own lives and make our own plans and trade and interact with each other, and from all those actions and activities and interactions the life of the country is made up.

    The point is that the politicians don't run the country, they just get in the way of the rest of us who do .

  3. I already do run my life.

    I choose my belief systems, I choose my friends, I accept or decline employment, I choose who I murder, I choose which foreign bodies I entice into war, I care for those who can't look after themselves, I defend my property against my enemies (even though I don't actually own any property), I empty my rubbish into the river so it flows down onto someone elses property, I piss in the Ocean, set fire to forests . . .etc . .

    - fqogqe

  4. p-style said: I already do run my life.

    I believe that was PC's point. I know it would be mine if I was the one who's blog this was.

  5. Te Radar talks about the mud-slinging in todays Herald and he approves:

    "Well-crafted venom delivered by the debonair Don would be terrific television."

    "If opposing leaders don't feel that their opponent is cancerous and corrosive, and can't express themselves with such candour, one needs to question whether they are really doing their jobs."


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