Saturday, 16 September 2006

Pollock by numbers

Some people will pay over a million dollars for a Jackson Pollock scrawl (what's that they say about a fool and his money being easily parted?).

But if you want an original Jackson Pollock painting with just as much effort as it took to produce the original, and far less expense than the real thing, then just go here and wave your mouse around -- and then head down to your dealer.

See, you too can be a con-artist.

LINK: JacksonPollock.Org

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Blogger leelion said...

the emperor has no clothes

16 Sep 2006, 19:57:00  
Blogger sagenz said...

my personal favourite has always been billy apple. an nzer who was able to persuade people to part with $10,000 for a personalised painted invoice from him that he had not actually prepared. crudely painted and nicely mounted.

very helen clark

16 Sep 2006, 22:20:00  

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