Friday, 8 September 2006

Peter Brock has died

News just in that legendary Australian racingdriver Peter Brock has died!
MOTOR sports legend Peter Brock has reportedly been killed in an accident in Western Australia.

Brock was thought to have been driving in the Targa West rally, and Sky News has reported that he was killed during a special stage.

The channel reported Brock's car collided with a tree, knocking it to the floor, leaving him with fatal injuries.

LINKS: Brock killed in accident - report - Townsville Bulletin

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  1. PC on Steve Irwin's death:

    All praise to him for his passion and his private conservation efforts, but watching Irwin wrestling deadly animals for a living was like watching one of those Thai tour-operators chewing lightbulbs to entertain the tourists: as Rand said once it brought "a strange kind of embarrassment" at such life-threatening antics in the pursuit of nothing more than entertainment.

    His death is a tragedy, and those who value him should mourn his passing. But let's not kid ourselves at the nature of the tragedy.

    Cheers, Peter Cresswell

    May I say the same about this person. F.E.T.E.

  2. I don't know what on earth FETE means, but I'm not sure either whiy you'd use Brock's death -- sorry "this person" -- as an opportunity to bag me.


  3. PC

    This is the sheer brilliance of Ruth personified.

    LMFAO (you can look that one up on google).

  4. oh jeez--ruth the troll has found pc's blog.
    Get out the disinfectant!


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