Wednesday, 20 September 2006

One in two?

According to the Herald front page, "mental illness strikes one in two" New Zealanders, meaning that every time you talk to somebody else chances are one of the two of you have a few sheep loose in the top paddock.

And I feel fine. So it must be you. :-)

LINK: Mental illness strikes one in two - NZ Herald

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  1. And I felt fine too, until I spoke to you. I have found the source of all mental illness - PC :o)

  2. Robert Winefield20 Sep 2006, 12:16:00

    Peter, nobody is talking to you. Those voices are all in your head :-)

  3. "Peter, nobody is talking to you. Those voices are all in your head :-)"

    Ah yes, good point.

    But who made it...?

  4. "Some 20 per cent had a mental disorder in the last 12 months."

    Only twenty? Labour returned to office 12 months ago. I'd be more worried about by mental state if that hadn't deeply depressed me.

  5. Surely this is just an excercise in scemantics? Seems lately there's a trend towards iodentifying everything as some kind of disorder. . . Seems it's almost impossible to avoid being described as officially sick nowadays . . .


  6. You are not paranoid if they are out to get you.


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