Friday, 29 September 2006

Maori Party strike a deal...

The Kiwi Herald has the 'news' of another 'bribe' 'offered' to the 'Maori' Party:
The Maori Party is considering a deal which, if agreed to, will see it supporting the Labour party in parliament. In exchange for it's votes the Maori Party will receive a bale of blankets, a gross of shotguns, a hogshead of Lion Red, $250 worth of Lotto tickets and the foreshore and sea-bed.
Moenui Maori Party Chair Tari Kuahinga told the Kiwi Herald that she was made the offer by 'a bloke tieing up his dinghy at the Moenui jetty on Saturday. He said he was representing some other bloke who lived off-shore.'
Now that's what I call a 'scoop.'

LINKS: Maori Party offered 'bribes' - Kiwi Herald

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