Monday, 25 September 2006


LIBERTY SCOTT IS back in action with a backgrounder on Heather Simpson, H2, H1's chief of staff, the woman who it was revealed last week bullied Parliamentary Services to pay for the Labour Party's pledge card. "Heather Simpson," he says, "has perhaps one of the lowest profiles in New Zealand politics but paradoxically is one of the most powerful."

Find out more here about the ultimate back room boss.

LINKS: H2: The power behind Clark - Liberty Scott
H2 might bury her boss - Not PC

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  1. Yikes! I thought it was Maurice Williamson.

  2. The photo caption is surely incorrect? The person to the right of Margaret Wilson is a male.

  3. I've seen H2 walking along Tinakori Road looking like she just finished clearing out a garden - she certainly isn't style above substances, nor does she give a damn.


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