Tuesday, 12 September 2006

George shoots down new breast "crisis"

George Reisman takes a shot at at a New York Times whine about breastfeeding and the absense of decent "lactation stations" at Starbucks, a "crisis," whines the Times, in which "a two-class system is emerging for working mothers."
I don’t want to say how much sleep I’ve lost in my efforts to find a solution for this newest crisis of what the left describes as “social injustice” [says Reisman]. But I have come up with a solution, in fact, three solutions. Here they are...
Read on here for all three solutions. The 'money shot' comes in Reisman's conclusion:
In fact, there’s a further lesson for the Times and the rest of the left to learn here. Namely, they need to apply their alleged support of “gun control,” which they trumpet ad nauseam, to themselves and the programs they advocate. Those programs invariably come down to having the government point its guns at innocent people. About half the time it’s in order to compel them, against their will, to do something they do not want to do but which the Times and the rest of the left want them to do nonetheless. The rest of the time, it’s a case of forcibly preventing people from doing something they do want to do but which the Times and the rest of the left don’t want them to do. The Times et al. need to stop calling for the use of guns against people, whether in connection with lactation or anything else.

LINK: The looming lactation-station crisis, and how to solve it - George Reisman's blog

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